Pharmacists have consistently been ranked near the top of the list of most trusted healthcare professionals. According to a 2013 Gallup poll, pharmacists are rated as the second most trusted professionals in terms of honesty and ethics, with 70% of people saying that they would give pharmacists a “high” or “very high” rating.
Community pharmacists often measure how many prescriptions are dispensed in a given day or week.
As each issue of Inside Pharmacy is prepared, we focus on providing relevant material and topics that enable the retail pharmacist to provide better patient care. As pharmacists, we have the leading role in this endeavor. The Oscars acknowledge the role of the supporting actors and actresses in making an award-winning film. Similarly, pharmacists should acknowledge and cultivate the supporting role that a good pharmacy technician provides to a pharmacist in delivering exemplary patient care.
To obtain an external view of our profession, I usually find it valuable to review articles about pharmacy that come from outside healthcare. Consumer Reports surveyed 33,000 consumers about their pharmacy selection, and recently published 10 reasons people consider when switching pharmacies.
Retail pharmacists will find 2014 to be a very interesting and challenging year. In the face of declining third-party reimbursement rates, we expect more of our customers to have prescription benefit coverage through the new insurance exchanges.
We welcome you to the launch issue of Inside Pharmacy®. The goal of this column is to frame your expectations for the issue.
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