An 8-year-old child, born male who identified as and expressed externally (eg, clothing, haircut, behavior) as a girl, presented for a new patient appointment.
Children and adolescents are among those patients with the greatest risk for a concussion. The following tips offer methods for properly recognizing and responding to concussions in this patient population.
In a recent interview with Inside Patient Care: Pharmacy & Clinics, Dr Orlowski, Chief Health Care Officer of the Association of American Medical Colleges, discussed the physician workforce shortage, measures set in place to address the shortage, and its impact on community pharmacists and clinicians.
More than 48 million Americans become sick from and 3000 die of foodborne illnesses every year. The following tips offer methods for food safety and foodborne illness prevention.
There is an overabundance of information bombarding the masses and circulating via magazines, the Internet, and on social media regarding the latest diet trends and healthy eating plans.
As much as 17% of all children and adolescents in the United States are affected by childhood obesity. Health risks associated with the condition include high blood pressure, impaired glucose tolerance, breathing issues, joint problems, as well as a greater risk for social and psychological problems. The following tips are general guidelines to improve patients’ health and prevent childhood obesity.
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), often seen in women of childbearing age, is an autoimmune disease that affects multiple organ systems. To ensure optimal maternal and fetal health outcomes, proper disease management is key when caring for this high-risk population. Ideally, providers and patients should work together to plan a pregnancy when the disease is in remission. Adequate disease control is crucial as the risk for a flare seems to relate to the level of maternal disease activity in the 6 to 12 months before conception.
"This kiosk begins to address the existing gap in prevention services, and calls attention to the need for the emerging retail clinic market to include behavioral health services.”
Symptom Overview: Hiccups are an under­reported respiratory complication that can sig­nificantly impair an individual’s quality of life. Responsible for at least 4000 hospital admissions annually, they often are not considered significant in the need to care for a patient’s other pressing comorbidities such as malignancy.
With influenza activity peaking between December and February, it is important for patients to be aware of the following tips to reduce their risk for catching the flu.
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