Grounded in behavioral theory, powered by artificial intelligence, and nurtured with natural language processing, virtual health assistants (VHAs) are capable of conversing with a person about his or her health.
Obesity is a significant health problem in the United States, leading to conditions including diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and contributing to significant healthcare costs.
Healthy brain aging is an important part of wellness, and as the aging population expands, it is important to have a better understanding of the role of different factors on the brain, including diet.
Although the use of complementary health approaches in children has not been studied extensively at the national level, available data suggest higher rates of use among children with chronic health conditions, including anxiety, musculoskeletal conditions, and recurrent headaches, compared with children without these conditions. Similar data have been seen in adult populations.
Parents care about their children keeping a healthy, active lifestyle, but may not be fully confident in their ability to influence healthy habits, according to a survey by the YMCA and the American Academy of Pediatrics Institute for Healthy Childhood Weight. In addition to improving mental and physical health, the following are tips for keeping your children healthy and active this summer.

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