Retail Pharmacy Is the New Primary Care of Today

October 2014, Vol 2, No 5 - Letter from the Editor
Frederique H. Evans, MBS

October is American Pharmacy Month. Its purpose, according to the American Pharmacists Association, is to draw attention to the work of pharmacists and celebrate the profession.

Retail pharmacies, and the team inside the pharmacy, are quickly becoming an extension of primary care. As such, it is important for pharmacists and retail clinicians to raise awareness of their invaluable contributions in the community.

In this issue, which focuses on cardiometabolic health, we feature an article by Keri Medlin, PharmD, on prediabetes and provide useful information that pharmacists and retail clinicians alike can use to encourage patients to take small steps toward a healthier lifestyle and prevent type 2 diabetes. Timothy Winschel, PharmDc, from the University of Pittsburgh, provides an update on androgen therapy, controversies surrounding its use, and the emerging role of community pharmacists. In addition to these featured articles, we have also included a tip on obesity prevention to share with your patients. This resource can also be downloaded from

Inside Pharmacy Retail Clinic News®, Nancy J. Gagliano, Chief Medical Officer of MinuteClinic and Senior Vice President of CVS Health, shares with us trends in retail healthcare delivery and the impact of retail clinics on patient access to care. “Retail clinics will become more of an extension of the healthcare system right into the community,” she said during our interview. “Where a physician can say, ‘It’s 5 o’clock,’ to a patient, ‘go to MinuteClinic, I’ll get the note in my electronic medical record tomorrow. If they see any problem, they’ll let me know.’”

Inside The Retail Pharmacy, Linh B. Van, PharmD, BCPS, and Donna D. Huynh, PharmD, BCPS, report an analysis of prescribing and written patient drug information from the United States and Canada, and is followed by an article on the role of pharmacists in counseling patients on the use of long-acting injectable antipsychotics in patients with schizophrenia.

Inside Business Chain Headquarters News®, Timothy A. Wimsett, BSBA, discusses Europay/MasterCard/Visa migration status in the United States and the ways to be prepared for the transition by the October 2015 deadline.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Inside Pharmacy—the new journal for the new primary care. As retail pharmacies transform into healthcare delivery companies, look to Inside Pharmacy to provide you with practical information to achieve professional success.

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