The clinical challenge published in the April issue of Inside Patient Care: Pharmacy & Clinics was an interesting case study. Gender identity has been receiving a lot of media coverage recently; a great deal of the coverage surrounds legal issues specific to gender-neutral amenities for transgender people.
I thank Dr Drummond for his comments on the clinical challenge we published last month. With the legal and healthcare issues impacting the transgender community, providers need to have a heightened awareness of the transgender community to address their very specific and growing needs. Retail pharmacies and the clinics within their walls strive to provide the best customer service to all customers and should do so in a personalized manner.
We appreciate the editorial published in Inside Patient Care: Pharmacy & Clinics pertaining to the role of retail pharmacy in controlled substance take-back programs. However, we believe that the assertion that retail pharmacies will have to register as reverse distributors in order to accept controlled substances is incorrect.
I thank Mr McAbee for his comments regarding my editorial on the role of pharmacy in controlled substance take-back programs, including the proper Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration process for pharmacies to accept controlled substances with the intent of destruction.

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