Recently, I came across an interesting pharmacy reimbursement model introduced by Sunflower Health Plan in Kansas. Sunflower Health Plan is a managed care subsidiary of the Centene Corporation, St. Louis, MO. Sunflower will offer a higher dispensing fee for claims submitted from pharmacies that have achieved accreditation through the Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation (CPPA). I was pleased to see that this is truly an increased fee, and not a redistribution of claim withholds, which pharmacies are experiencing with some plans today.
Affecting nearly 6 million children in the United States, food allergies are a growing safety and public health concern that can be life-threatening. As a true immune response of the body identifying certain foods as harmful, food allergy reactions can range from mild (eg, itchy mouth) to severe and potentially deadly (ie, anaphylaxis). Although there is no cure for food allergies, reactions can be prevented through strict avoidance of food allergens, and quality of life can be improved by promoting safety and awareness. Here we provide 5 tips for managing food allergies in children.

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